Sustainability is reflected in our business strategies and decisions that support the needs of the present whilst embracing the opportunity that comes with being part of the Kimberley region for decades ahead.

We will maximise the local inter-generational employment, business and regional development prospects arising from our Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project. 

We will actively manage heritage, conservation, environmental and rehabilitation activities in a safe workplace that promotes cultural understanding.

Over the long life of Thunderbird, we will practice responsible stewardship, manage risk, mitigate impacts and partner with the community to realise lasting benefits.

Above all, we value safety - at work, at home and in the community.

Our ESG Approach


Full State and Federal environmental approvals granted following a detailed Public Environmental Review ("PER") process

  • PER concluded all risks can be adequately managed 
  • Approvals contain standard industry conditions and controls
  • Specific Greater Bilby management plans in place
  • Environmental offset fund established
  • Restrictions on speeds and travel times for haulage of products to Port of Derby
  • Rehabilitation throughout mine life – minimises disturbed area
  • Environmental practices & protocols mirror Equator Principles
  • Addressing the Climate Change challenge
  • CO2 baseline emissions estimated 11mt CO2e (40+ year life of project)*
  • Opportunity to add renewable energy to gas generation
  • Longer term initiatives to reduce emissions being identified (e.g. electric haul trucks)
  • 2030 target and target date for net zero to be set prior to FID


Co-existence Agreement (Native Title Agreement) in place

  • Targeted 40% Aboriginal Employment by year 8 of operations
  • Aboriginal Training Fund to support employment
  • Aboriginal Business support via supply and contract opportunities
  • Cash royalties to Traditional Owners over 37 year mine life

High standards in safeguarding the environment, water, diversity and Aboriginal heritage

Local Employment

  • 300 regional jobs on a Drive In Drive Out basis
  • Intergenerational Employment over 37 year mine life
  • State and Federal Tax Contribution of >A$1B over 37 year mine life


  • Compliant with ASX recommended governance framework
  • Commitment to increase Board and management diversity

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